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Founded in the early winter of 2002 by a group of like-minded artists, Blake Drezet, Desmond Hussey, Simon C. Hussey and Justin Clow, Spectral Theatre is dedicated to producing dynamic theatrical works which awaken the imagination and challenge the mind. Spectral Theatre seeks to breathe new life into the rotting corpse of live theatre by thrilling audiences with fantastic stories delivered in unpredictable and innovative ways. By exploring a diversity of themes, Spectral Theatre endeavours to bring its love of spectacle to the stage; to deliver strange and wonderful tales, rich in flavour; and, above all, to offer a strikingly unusual experience of what live theatre can be. To that end, each member of the company brings a range of skills and talents, often wearing several hats in an effort to accomplish the many necessary tasks of building a new theatre company.

From science fiction for horror to ancient legend, Spectral Theatre seeks to engage its audience’s imagination with strange and provocative tales. By using bold, colourful sets and costumes and employing many alternative or low-tech lighting effects, Spectral Theatre aspires to create a visually tantalising, emotionally engaging and consistently unforgettable theatre experience.

We hope that you enjoy our collection of the weirdest and most frightening tales to be found anywhere in the theatre world.


Co-Founder/Artistic Director/Producer


"Theatre for people that don't like theatre."


Artistic Director/Producer

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