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Spectral Theatre's “Grimmsfield After Dark” is the culmination of 15 years of storytelling. Distilled from Spectral Theatre Society's long-running stage productions of "Dead Ends", "Black Holes", “Late-Night Double Feature” among others, each volume of “Grimmsfield After Dark” will present a sampling of original "dusk 'til dawn" programming that gives the listener an amusing glimpse of the on air and backstage antics of the cast and crew of CGRM Studios. Think “Muppet Show” but weirder, darker, at a radio studio, and all set within the fictional community of Grimmsfield.

Each volume will showcase all-new original works by Canadian artists and performers that promise to be unique, original; combining traditional genre tropes with oddball twists and turns. Spine-chilling and hilarious, but also touching on real human issues and emotions, that should appeal to speculative fiction fans of all ages. Astute listeners will be treated to an intricate tapestry of crisscrossing story lines focusing on the colourful denizens of CGRM Studios, high atop Mount Badenoch, and the strange, weirdness-filled hamlet of Grimmsfield, that it overlooks.

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