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Spectral Theatre Society proudly presents a dramatic reading from "Rondo: Traveller of the Spheres", by noted science fiction novelist, Sir Edmund Guinevere. Sir Edmund’s epic collected works from his Rondo series, published between 1966 and 1979 and again from 1982 to 1989, tell of Norwegian space-hobo Rondo Ableseth’s intergalactic adventures with space-pirate Shez DuButterfries and his crew aboard the starship Della-Cruscan, and their ever constant struggle to escape the clutches of demented space monarchs, 18th century Italo-German perfumiers, and lesbian bounty hunters.


Sir Edmund Guinevere, whose private life is exactly that, prefers to state his place of birth as the planet Earth. After emigrating from the United Kingdom, Sir Edmund became a resident of California where he met his now live-in gardener, Horace, and has established a cat sanctuary and meditation center near his home in Palm Springs, where he has lived since 1968. Other noted titles by Sir Edmund include “The Pants of Resistance”, “Venus and the Narwhal” and the international best seller “Cornwallis and the Trumpet of Maximum Defeat”.

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