Spectral Theatre Society Presents...


(As part of Grimmsfield After Dark Vol. 1)

“Easy to listen to.” – Grimmsfield Daily Post

Spectral Theatre Society proudly presents an eclectic mix of musical offerings from the most extensive collection of vintage 78s to be found anywhere...in this world. Join host Ursula Ascania for each episode of "The Wax Mausoleum" as she fills your night with rare and forgotten music curated by herself from the archives of Castle Badenoch. From Oscar Peterson to Oscar Strauss "The Wax Mausoleum" promises a unique musical retrospective presented with passion, insight, and a slightly macabre sense of humour.

Ursula Ascania is a graduate of the Musical Studies Program at the Grimmsfield College and Conservatory. After attaining her degree, Ursula spent many years as a domestic worker before her passion was reignited by a chance encounter with a travelling Victrola salesman (who shall remain nameless). In recent years, thanks in large part to a generous research grant awarded to her by the Simms Foundation for Arts and Culture, Ursula has dedicated herself to the restoration and preservation of musical antiquities.


"The Wax Mausoleum" is written & produced by Simon C. Hussey and features Tatiana Robinson as Ursula Ascania. It was recorded, mixed, and edited by Simon C. Hussey at Spectral Theatre HQ in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

“Vinyl is dead” – Anonymous

Release Date: August, 2018.