BC Buds '10 - "The Medicine Show"



BC Buds '10 - "The Medicine Show"

Written by Blake Drezet and Desmond Hussey.  Directed by Desmond Hussey.

"The Medicine Show" was originally developed as a sideshow attraction for the annual Illuminares Festival at Trout Lake Park in Vancouver a few years prior.  The show featured an elaborate portable stage, colourful masks and costumes and amazing acrobatics.  It was resurrected here as our entry into The Firehall Theatre's annual BC Bud's Performing Arts Fair

Firehall Theatre, May 21st - 23rd, 2010.



Dr. Rockefeller - Desmond Hussey
Bum - Seth Little
Mortimer - Blake Drezet
Old Lady - Bonny Giroux
Ferdinand - Devan Vancise
Blarg - Lesli Brownlee
Lonely Guy - J-C Roy
Wabo-Wabo Tribesman - Gregory Milne


Costume Design - Desmond Hussey and Blake Drezet
Props - Desmond Hussey
Produced by Spectral Theatre Society in association with Firehall Arts Centre